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ICD10PCS mapping becoming a bit stale?

Looking for concepts for “Cardiopulmonary bypass”, I’ve found two in ICD10PCS:

  • 5A1221Z Performance of Cardiac Output, Continuous and
  • 5A1221J Performance of Cardiac Output, Continuous, Automated .

While I am able to find a concept for the former, 2788032, I was unable to locate the latter, though, according to icd10data.com , the code has been valid since 10/1/2021 .

I am surprised to see that the mapping apparently was last refreshed about three years ago.
35 ICD10PCS ICD-10 Procedure Coding System (CMS) 30-Sep-2020
Is a refresh scheduled?



Thank you for your question. According to our roadmap, the ICD10PCS refresh is scheduled for the 2024 Winter release.


Thanks for your prompt response.

I had assumed that additions or changes were made to the standard vocabularies, they’d appear within a matter of weeks, or maybe months. It’s good that I now understand it might be years before the edits appear.