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ICD10CM mapping to standard concepts after the Aug 29 update

Hi all,

After the vocabulary update of Aug 29 2022 that included ICD10CM, I noticed that the number of mappings of ICD10CM codes to standard concepts is slightly reduced (in particular from 129171
standardization ‘Maps to’ relations from ICD10CM codes in the 2022-06-22 vocabulary to 127616 on all the versions after 2022-08-29).

More over, there are now important ICD10CM codes with no mapping to snomed (or any other of the vocabularies that get downloaded by default on Athena). For instance the C78* and C79* ICD10CM codes which did have a standardization mapping to snomed but not anymore.

Am I missing something?

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Welcome to OHDSI, @Dimitrios_Moirogiann!

The C78* and C79* codes in ICD10CM are codes signifying cancer Conditions or Measurements. They are mapping to standard concept_ids from the Cancer Modifier vocabulary in the Condition domain as seen with this example and to the Cancer Modifier vocabulary in the Measurement domain as seen here. I created this issue on the Vocab GitHub to have information about mappings to new or never before mapped to Vocabularies added to the release notes, so we know when to download a new Vocabulary from Athena.

@zhuk or @Alexdavv will be able to answer your question about the decrease in # of mappings

Thanks for reaching us!

As it was mentioned above, some codes, dealing with tumors, were mapped to cancer Modifier vocabulary. Also, a big bench of codes, containing history information, were mapped to 1340204 OMOP5165859 History of event from OMOP Extension vocabulary and appropriate value like here.

Hi @MPhilofsky and @Irina_Zherko ,

This is very helpful. Indeed it would be very useful to have in the release note if new vocabularies are needed for the ETL. Thanks for your clarifications!