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ICD10-AM (Australian modification) to ICD10-CM and / or ACHI to CPT

Hello everyone,

I’ve been searching to find a way to convert / cross-walk / map between the ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS and the ICD10-CM / CPT codes. What is the best approach for such a problem? Is there a work around?

Any help would be highly appreciated


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We don’t support these cross-walks for a number of reasons:

  • Countries introduce these derivative ICD-10 codes because they explicitly want to add something that isn’t there, which means cross-walks are impossible by design. Same is true for the procedure codes.
  • We have standard concepts (for Conditions mostly SNOMED and ICDO3), where we map everything into. To keep these many to one mapping up is hard enough. If you want mapping between every source concepts it would be an N2 problem.
  • You could use SNOMED to do a double hop (ICD-10-AM - SNOMED - ICD10-CM etc.). Don’t do it! It won’t work. Because the mappings are directed from the source to the standard. If you want to hop back you will lose quality.

Any reason you cannot use the standard concepts?

I might be late and you have already found the answer but see if the mapping tables listed on IPHA site can help you out RE: ICD 10 to ICD-10-AM. I would suggest please check the lisencing requirement if any before using.