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ICD to snomed mapping

(rashmi) #1

Does concept relationship table on athena have the mapping for all icd9 and icd10 codes to SNOMED as per latest codes?
I could find some mismatch with respect to icd codes that I could find in my source data. So just wanted to confirm.


(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

ICD10 mapping is the one that reviewed and fixed lately, so it has the best quality.

ICD10CM and ICD9CM mappings are relatively good, but require some improvement anyway.
So, they are reviewed now.
Please share your mismatch cases, so we can identify the problem.

(Leilei Zhu (Clinical Data Standards Lead, UCLH, UK)) #3

hi Rashmi,

Have you got your question answered? I am new to Athena mapping and involved in this because of our OMOP project.

I am very interested to find out the algorism and logic they use when applying ICD10 to SNOMED CT mapping, do you know who is the best person to contact? Thanks,

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #4

Hi @LeileifromUK
Sorry, for the delayed reply.
First, we took couple of sources:

  • SNOMED refset “SNOMED to ICD10CM” mapping
  • UMLS provided equivalence.
    Both sources are about ICD10CM, but most of the common for ICD10 and ICD10CM concepts mean the same, so ICD10CM related sources were fine to start with.
    Some concepts had innacuttate mapping because of opposite direction (we need ICD10 to SNOMED, but sources gave SNOMED to ICD10). Some haven’t mapped at all.
  • used usagi ot get the match based on concept descriptions.
    Then, all these mappings were compared, and in some cases new relationships were generated by the OHDSI vocabulary team which mostly contains from medical professionals.
    So, the most important method in the creation of mapping is the manual curation by domain experts.
    Please let me know if you want to know further details.