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ICD-O-3 Community Contributions: Errors Requested from Community

Hi OMOP implementers ,

The community contributors to the ICD-O-3 vocabulary (@peter.prinsen and @Daniel_Smith) are seeking feedback regarding errors and missing codes you may have encountered in your work.

Below, please find a link to a Google sheet that will allow you to enter data on the following tabs:

  1. Morphology/Behavior combination (of the form “MMMM/B”)
  2. Topography (of the form “C##.#”)
  3. Morphology/behavior-topography combination (of the form “MMMM/B-C##.#”)

On each sheet, you’ll be asked to enter two required data points, code and problem type with that code. The rest of the data is optional, but may be helpful to our work if you have time to provide. An example from the morphology/behavior tab is below.

In a future post under this thread, we can post what we have so far in case you’re interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Google Sheet recording errors