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ICD-10 codes not present in downloaded Athena vocabulary

How can I download the non-standard to standard map file?

I cannot locate the ICD10 code I21.01 in the CONCEPTS.csv file of mappings to extract its concept ID in the ICD10 vocabulary downloaded from Athena

This code is present in Athena: Athena

The Non-standard to Standard map (OMOP) shows that this ICD10 code I21.01 is mapped to SNOMED concept ID 46270162.

I downloaded the ICD10 and ICD10PCS vocabularies from

(I need to convert several hundred such ICD10 codes to SNOMED concept IDs.)

Thanks so much!

There is no single non-standard to standard map file. You need to create a query as explained in The Book of OHDSI, see section 6.3 Create the Code Mappings

Got it, thank you! It ended up being faster to use the ATLAS tool to import the source codes in ICD-10 format.