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IBD characterization: pre-release, call for feedback

Hi All,

I’ve just finished uploading a “pre-release” version of the IBD characterization package, which:

  • defines target cohorts for Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and indeterminate colitis
  • extracts >100 relevant features (including risk factors, symptoms, comorbidities, medications, and complications)
  • considers demographics and temporal strata and multiple time windows

For more details, see the study protocol.

I’d like to launch the study on Mar 1 and would appreciate any feedback you can provide (e.g., re missing features and strata or better cohort definitions).

Also, please respond below or email me (chen@kinstitute.org.il) if you’re interested in joining (please include a short description of the data you have access to).

Thanks and happy Phenotype Phebruary,

(Tagging below people who have previously expressed interest in this project: @radnam, @katy-sadowski, @LeileifromUK, @gregk, @Nirav_Patel, @y7g2p, @bniroj, @nicolepratt, @kerurbas, @Patrick_Ryan).

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Hello, I am Kyulee Jeon working for Seng Chan from Yonsei University. We’re planning to participate in this project.

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Hi Chen, this is Jimyung Park from Ajou University. We’d like to participate in your study as a data partner. The detailed information is sent via email. Please check the email and let me know if you need further information. :slight_smile: