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I am not able to create a new concept set

(Chris Ortman) #1

On atlas.ohdsi.org -> Concept Sets

The ‘New Concept Set’ button is disabled for me. I am logged in.
Should I be able to do this?

(Christian Reich) #2

We have three Atlantes:

  • atlas.ohdsi.org: permanent library of artifacts (cohorts, conceptsets, studies) with read access.
  • atlas-demo.ohdsi.org: demo/training site that is scrubbed (has its content reset) on a periodic basis, but not intended to facilitate real research. Anyone can edit anything.
  • New collaboration instance (currently atlas-covid19.ohdsi.org): The intention is for short-term collaboration. Everyone has write access, but you can only edit items you have created or granted permission from others.

(Chris Ortman) #3

Thank you! I will give the covid19 one a try.