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How to view data from note and note nlp table in atlas


(Vikram) #1

I have data in the note and the note nlp table. I want to know how can i see the data present in tables in atlas .

In this forum post it states that note_text field is not used in atlas.

What is the usage of these tables apart from storing the note text and extracted text from the notes from the doctor.

(Gyeol Song) #2

Hi Vikram,

To answer your first question: To my knowledge, ATLAS does not yet support the use of NOTE table and NOTE_NLP table as a cohort definition criteria.

As for your second question, I am quoting @SCYou from another topic:

Best regards,


(Seng Chan You) #3

Actually, I made a very crude chart viewer shiny app for ATLAS-generated cohort (https://github.com/ABMI/skeletonChartReview).

This is very crude one, so it’s not widely adoptable.

(Vikram) #4

Thanks. Will go through the mentioned pdf. :slight_smile: