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How to use Achilles and get my data in Atlas 'select source' dropdown list?

Hi community,

This is my first time working on the OHDSI stuff. I appreciate if you can give me some hint to my questions.

WHAT I have done:

  1. WebAPI is installed

  2. Tomacat installed;

  3. R/RTools/RStudio installed

  4. Achilles installed


The link under User Documentation on Achilles github page is broken:
[* Vignette:(Running Achilles) is broken, the pdf file is missing.

  1. My DB in CDM format is ready

My questions is: what’s next with my data so that OHDSI tools can be used. It includes:

  1. How to do with my data?
  2. How is the Achilles used?
  3. How to set Altlas up?
  4. How to configure so that my data can appear in ‘select source’ in Atlas?

Any help is highly appreciated.
Ray Zohdsi

You can view the vignette at https://github.com/OHDSI/Achilles/blob/main/vignettes/RunningAchilles.pdf. I added an issue about the broken link.

Thank you, Don. I appreciate it!

Atlas setup guide is here, along with additional tutorial links.

Once you set up records in your source and source_daimon tables, WebAPI will return the datasource info to Atlas via a REST endpoint, which ATLAS then uses to show you options under the Data Source nav, but also give you the option to generate cohorts and run characterizations.

Thank you for the info, Chris!

I will play further with it.

Ray Zohdsi