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How to run just the heel?

Previously I run Achilles using:

cdmDatabaseSchema = “mdcr2003_2016”,
resultsDatabaseSchema = “atlas_results”,
scratchDatabaseSchema = “achilles_scratch”,
vocabDatabaseSchema = “mdcr2003_2016”,
numThreads = 1,
sourceName = “AchilesAtlas”,
cdmVersion = “5.3”,
runHeel = FALSE,
runCostAnalysis = FALSE,
tempAchillesPrefix = ‘ta’,
optimizeAtlasCache = TRUE,
createIndices = TRUE)

Now, I want to run just the Heel. Is this possible? how?

Thanks in advance

AchillesHeel is no longer supported and has been deprecated in favor of the DataQualityDashboard package. For data quality assessment you should start using that package.

Is OHDSI/DataQualityDashboard Atlas compatible? or is Atlas also going to be deprecated?

DataQualityDashboard has it’s own Shiny interface for reviewing the results of the package’s analysis. Data Quality results in combination with the Achilles results can also be viewed in Ares, which is a replacement for the original AchillesWeb website.