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How to represent insurance companies?

We are converting a big dataset containing both EHR and questionnaire data. Some of the clients are insurance companies that wish to look at data from several care sites they manage.

How can I represent that insurance company in OMOP? They are not a care site nor there are concepts for care site that fit the insurance company description.

I understand that insurance data can be kept with payer_plan_period but this does not represent the entity insurance company, it representes an interaction between a payer and a person.

One of our ideas was a custom Organization table that can group several care sites into one entity and that organization would have a concept_id such as Private Health Insurance


Not following. You have EHR data with insurance information in it, or you have data from insurance companies (one at a time I assume)?

And what is wrong with the payer field in PAYER_PLAN_PERIOD?