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How to record non-regulated device details in CDM 6.0?

A prospective research project that utilizes data collected from the patients’ personal wearable devices and photo cameras is using OMOP 6.0. Has anyone here ever had to record the data from non-regulated devices?
One of previous discussions suggested to cram all details on the device and settings into a string device_exposure.device_source_value (Adding manufacturer and model information to the device_exposure table - #6 by mkwong) , but the field is only 50 char long and requires extra parsing before using.
Is creating a new device_details table the only way?
Any other suggestions?
Thank you

You can re-define your device_source_value to be more than 50 chars in your local OMOP CDM instance. I don’t think this would break any of the OHDSI tools. If you plan to share the data later - then you will need to truncate to 50 chars as the standard definition.

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