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How to populate the definition_type_concept_id?

Can anybody tell how to populate the definition_type_concept_id?
I’m looking here:

“Type defining what kind of Cohort Definition the record represents and how the syntax may be executed”

What is the type?
@NStarikova, @Alexdavv

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I’m reviving this old post. How should I populate this field since the standard concepts in the Type Concept domain do not cover most of the possible provenances for a cohort definition?

Our use case at University of Colorado: We want to use the Cohort and Cohort Definition tables to enable quick feasibility studies. How many persons in the covid consented Cohort also have X phenotype?

What would be the definition_type_concept_id? Some cohorts are defined by Atlas and others are defined by researchers. I’m guessing with our use case, definition_type_concept_id = 0 is the most accurate. Or am I missing something?

What would the provenance of a cohort record be? Really does not make that much sense. After all, those data are not generated by another primary source, but by the researcher. No?




Is the only answer.