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How to map non-standard visits

Hi, my team is currently working on mapping the variables of our database to the CDM.
Should we also want to include longitudinal evaluations for some subjects, do we have to refer to the “visit_occurrence” Domain?
If yes, unfortunately this Domain requires the “visit_concept_id” field which from what we have seen does not provide the type of diagnostic path foreseen for our patients: for our individual subject (this is a center for neurodegenerative diseases) there may be a diagnostic path which lasts 3 months during which various services are provided over time, but without hospitalization. Among the items that we can indicate in “visit_concept_id” we do not identify the one suitable for our path. Anyone have any information about it?

Thank you! Greetings


So, what kind of visits do you need? A “longitudinal evaluation” is not a visit. It might be a procedure. The visit would be probably an office or outpatient or clinic visit, would it not?