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How to import my data into Atlas?

I am a student who just contacted OHDSI, and I have some questions about atlas data import.
At present, I have installed PostgreSQL and Atlas, but I don’t know how to import my data into Atlas.And what do I need to pay attention to?
Hope to get your help, thank you for your attention and answer!

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Hi…Even i am having the same issue. would be great if someone clearly explains basics like this.
@Chris_Knoll… we need your inputs very badly… Thanks in advance.

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Have you guys found a solution?
I am curious since I have the same question.
Perhaps the same question will arise once in a while from new users like me, maybe once in every two years?

Welcome @Sung-il_Cho !
ATLAS is a tool operated by ATLAS (WebAPI) querying the CDM DB in real time. Therefore, the expression of importing CDM data into ATLAS is strange. To perform analysis through ATLAS, WebAPI and DBMS must be connected through JDBC.
The following pages will help you:


Right. @Jaehyeong_Cho states it very well. I would not say that you ‘import your data into atlas’, but rather you ‘enable atlas to access your CDM data by defining a source’. This is described in the wiki for setting up CDMs.

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Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for the proper expression.

Instead of “importing your data into Atlas,” I advise you to “allow Atlas to access your CDM data by setting a source.” On the wiki, this is explained in regards to setting up CDMs.