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How to get payer information for a visit

I’m using EHR data, and I’m trying to figure out how to link a visit to a payer. From what I see, the person is linked to the payer_plan_period. I would like to see how many patients are on public vs private insurance at the visit level. Also, does anyone know if general insurance (private vs public) information is included in the characterization package (i.e. how many of the patients are on private insurance for my cohort). Maybe I don’t need to look at the visit level. @Gowtham_Rao

A combination of visit.person_id and visit.start_date/visit.end_date can be used to link to payer.person_id and visit.start/end overlaps with payer.start_date/payer.end_date. This can be a 1:M relationship with a payer not fully covering a visit. It’s messy

Is this similar for linking costs to visits? It would be great to be able to link the actual cost of a visit to the specific visit.

According to the documentation, a Cost record is linked directly to a clinical event via the cost_domain_id and cost_event_id fields.