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How to generate a list of all biosimilars (via a query; computationaly)?

Is there some property in RxNorm (and hence in Athena vocabulary; and in RxNorm Extension) that would allow a computational query for all biosimilars ever created?

I can try regex expression looking at “-wxyz” (where wxyz is any string, more like ssss) at the end of the generic name. But that seems not very “clean solution”.

For example rituximab:

And related question: (if solution in RxNorm exists):
How is RxNorm Extension representing biosimilars from different companies? (hoping it would use the same approach).

Or should I try it in SNOMED CT drugs? In US extension, I don’t see the “similars” there at all. Just rituximab (again, this is example). I am after ALL biosimilars. Not just this one example on which I am demostrating aspects of my problem.

(second example - looking at RxNorm extension Quant Clinical Drug.

Tagging @aostropolets @mik @Christian_Reich - hoping to get them academically curious on this

Any advice from the expert terminologists on the above? @Christian_Reich ?

I found a plain list here: FDA-Approved Biosimilars — Biosimilars Council

RxNorm does not distinguish biosimilar. You will have to use Branded Drugs (or Branded Drug Forms or Branded Drug Components): Athena

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