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How to Find Unique Supplier information for an NDC11 code

(Anand) #1

I have a requirement to get the manufacturer name for an NDC11 code. right now the OMOP has mapped multiple NDC11’s to a common RxNorm concept. Then, that RxNorm is mapped back out to the multiple RxNorm Extension concepts that contain the supplier. Unfortunately, I can’t find a relationship that directly links the NDC11 to the RxNorm Extensions. Is there anyone who can help me in getting a unique supplier information for an NDC11 code.

(Eduard Korchmar (Terminologist @ Odysseus Vocabulary Team)) #2


We use mappings provided by National Library of Medicine to link NDC concepts to RxNorm. RxNorm itself does not explcitly preserve information about suppliers/manufacturers.

RxNorm Extension is built and maintained completely inside OMOP CDM vocabularies, predominately from non-US sources (with no inherent connections to NDC), but NDC maps to standard concepts in RxNorm vocabulary. Unfortunately, this means that NDC concepts don’t have specified Suppliers.

You will have to look for information elsewhere.

(Anna Karenina) #3

Hello @anandmn85,

FDA provides a list of labeler codes at their website, updated on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the download link doesn’t currently work (at least for me). Here’s a copy as of February 1st: ndc_nhric_labeler_codes_01_02_2019.xls (2.0 MB)
Also, an online version is available here: https://ndclist.com/labeler/index-view-all.