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how to find the fio2 (Fraction of Inspired Oxygen) values in Mimic IV database

I am currently grappling with a difficulty while working with the MIMIC-IV ICU medical dataset: I cannot seem to find the physiological variable known as “Fio2” (which stands for “Fraction of Inspired Oxygen”), expressed as a percentage (%). Despite conducting extensive research and exploration across various tables such as “chartevents,” “itemid,” and “labevents,” and even employing advanced word matching techniques like “fuzzywuzzy,” “rapidfuzz,” or regular expressions, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to pinpoint this particular variable. I have encountered some variables with similar-sounding names, but they also turned out to be irrelevant, either due to incorrect units of measurement or the presence of empty or nonsensical values.

For example, in my case I tried out the following :

  • in the ‘d_labitems’ table I search for “fio2”, using matching techniques, and I found nothing that matched.
  • in the ‘d_items’ table , with the same research matching process, I found the followings, but none of these were exploitable :

enter image description here

If anyone has successfully utilized the Fio2 data in the MIMIC-IV dataset, I kindly request your guidance on the steps you took to achieve this. Additionally, if anyone possesses insights or information regarding where to find the FiO2 variable, and whether these values are usable (i.e., not predominantly missing or empty) in the MIMIC-IV dataset, especially for tracking FiO2 values over time for different patients, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you for your help.