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How to find Standard Terms - Route

Hello Eevryone,

I am quite new to this whole project and forum. I have a list of terms under Route category from our project. However I would like to find the equivalent standard term for those terms from OHDSI. Should I be using Athena for that? What if the term that I am looking for doesn’t have a standardised term in Athena? How do I search for it? Can you guide me as to where should I look for to get the appropriate term that can be used in Athena? Is there anything like dictionary which I should be referring for mapping?


Hi @SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN, better late than never! Yes, to find equivalent standard terms, use Athena. To search, just enter the name (or code) into the search bar. If a term you are looking for is absent, try reformulating your search query or use synonyms. If that does not work, you can request the creation of new concepts right here, at our forum.