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How to download Deltas from Athena

Hello, everyone.
I need to find a way to obtain the changes in vocabularies from Athena. I read somewhere that it was possible to download deltas, but did not see that in the website. Is there something I’m missing?
I know that alternatively I could run a SQL script to detect the changes in concepts, but it might be more complicated to manage.


Welcome to the family. No, no delta. Folks are generating deltas, and we should offer them in future.

If you need to know the high-level changes you can check out the release notes.
Or you can run Tantalus to get detailed delta. But no way to download deltas straight from Athena as Christian said.

Just a little heads up for any building a delta on the concept table.

I created a delta of the concept table Monday, to check to see if I needed to update my concept bridge tables. There are little differences in the concept_name column that makes no actual difference in the data, for example, adding ‘of’ between ‘smearing feces’. I dropped the concept_name column out of the delta and am joining back to it during analysis.