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How to create own features - Atlas Characterization - Summary Statistics

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to generate summary statistics for our Cohort. I understand that you have already provided certain features (CHADS, CHADS2, Age group,ethnicity etc) for generating summary statistics, but is it possible for us to create our own features?

If yes, can you guide/direct me to resource as to how I can create them?


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Yes, you can. On the main characterization screen, you see 2 tabs, one for the characterizations, one for the features. Click on the features tab, and create a new feature. From there, you can select ‘Criteria’, and then define your feature using the same constructs as cohort definitions (ie: inclusion rules).

Once you name and save your feature, you can add it to your own characterization project. It will appear in the same list as the preset features, so give it a distinct name so you can find it.


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@Chris_Knoll - I tried creating a new feature ‘Systolic Blood Pressure’

I already have a cohort created (http://www.ohdsi.org/web/atlas/#/cohortdefinition/1770877) but when I add a new feature to this cohort like systolic blood pressure, it fails. This is how I added a feature


Can you please help me understand what’s the issue? As you can see am trying to create a feature from “Measurement” domain. How does this work?

I tried with both “Prevalence” and “Distribution” by adding the concept set “systolic blood pressure” to the Add attribute criteria

Some times the save button doesn’t also respond (after edit) which is shown in screenshot as well


I couldn’t find any explicit sql issues.

  1. In addition, when I make use of already existing features like Age, Gender and Ethnicity. I only see “Age” and “Gender” whereas “Ethnicity” isn’t displayed and the status is “completed”

When I just tried with “Ethnicity”, again the status is completed but the result looks like this

Can you please help and let us know how to create features from Measurement domain and fix the Ethnicity display issue? I guess if there are no records, it should be displaying it as Zero. Am I using this the right way?


Could you wrap this up into a git issue and report it at github.com/ohsdi/webapi? In addition can you export your characterization design to a text file and add it to the issue?

Thanks Chris. I have opened the issue in github.

Would you mind if I ask when can we expect this to be fixed? I mean I totally understand it’s a open source initiative and appreciate all your support towards Atlas. I ask this only to plan our demo accordingly. Nothing much.

I have benefited from this community and tools that you provide. Thank you


Just to know, is there any other version of Atlas that will help us create features?

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Hi, Selva, I want to design a new Feature Analysis on Atlas, but only see import features. How did you get the design function as showed in this screenshot? which version are you using now? Thank you

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Hi @ChenyuL,

Currently I can’t access our own ATLAS instance. So, I tried accessing the public atlas link.

Once you click on Characterisation tab in ATLAS, it will open up a page where you will see two tabs. You can click on Feature analysis tab and then use new feature analysis tab to create your own feature.

Please note that I haven’t tried this solution in the public atlas as I don’t have the right to create a new feature.