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How to create concept_hierarchy

I am very new to the OHDSI environment and currently doing the OHDSI setup. I am getting the concept_hierarchy table does not exist on exist error while playing with the data source section of the Atlas.

I have gone to the db and noticed in the result schema there is no concept_hierarchy table available. Can somebody let me know how I can create that table?
@Chris_Knoll @JamesSWiggins I know there should be some R command that needs to be executed for that but not sure what exactly needs to be executed. If you guys share some links for doing the same then that will be helpful.

Cheers looking forward to your response.

Hello @UmeshClinakos ,

You can use the utility API endpoint to generate SQL queries for the tables required by ATLAS. After that, run these queries against your database and you should be all set. This step is described in the documentation here: https://github.com/OHDSI/WebAPI/wiki/CDM-Configuration#results-schema-setup.

Hi rookie,
I have followed the steps and am able to set up the result schema without any issue. Now Atlas Datasource also giving statistics without any issue. Thanks.

I also want to use my data source in the Atlas. for that I know I have to convert it into the CDM data source but can you let me know how to connect my custom CDM Datasource with Atlas?

Any implementation link or details will be appreciated.