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How to create a new group in OHDSI forum


I am unable to find any option to create a new group. Do we need any special privilege to create a group?

Ex: OHDSI in China, OHDSI in Singapore, OHDSI in India etc


Which chapter do you want to start?
And can you expalin the reasons to start it?


I would like to create for Singapore with the aim to find people who are working on the same. So that, it would be easy for a beginner like me to meet and learn from those people

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@SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN I’m so glad to hear that Singapore is joining OHDSI.

@MauraBeaton wrote the guideline for starting OHDSI chapter.

Hello @SCYou. Thanks for the link. Good to know the guidelines.
My aim was basically to find out people who are working on similar projects, so that we can collaborate and discuss on things which either of us aren’t clear thereby helping us to sort out issues quicker and progress faster. Currently I am not aware of any people who are working on OMOP in Singapore. Hence I wanted to identify people who are working on OMOP in Singapore. Thought this is something like fb groups. Anyway now I have understood the guidelines etc. Thanks for sharing the info.


Hello @SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN Assistant Prof Feng Mengling from NUS is on it, although the link to the website is still coming soon as of now https://www.ohdsi.org/who-we-are/regional-chapters/. By the way, Data4Life Asia is working on OMOP for the Analytics platform.

if you manage to create a group please write a new post and describe how to do it
thanks in advance

You just tell us when you are ready to launch, @RuairiEvans.