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How to change SOURCESBUCKET parameter after installation on AWS

We successfully installed OHDSI on AWS and are able to work with the synthetic sources. SOURCESBUCKET is set to the default ohdsi-sample-data. Now we’d like to work with our real sources - we’ve created the appropriate sql files and placed them in an S3 bucket we own, and now we’d like to create the new source mappings via Atlas. But we can’t find any documentation which would inform us as to how to change the SOURCESBUCKET to our own S3 bucket. I see the sample bucket specified in two IAM roles, and we added ours to those as well, but it’s still being rejected when we try to set it up through Atlas. The error message received is: The Source was not saved. You cannot use this Source Key, please use different one.

I’m now able to partially setup a data source through Atlas, and entries are made in the sources table, but schemas are not created in Redshift (testing the connection does work though), and an “Access denied” message is displayed under Vocabulary Version, Evidence, Record Counts (RC / DRC) and Incidence for this new source, and there’s no Refresh button in the Refresh cache column. Permissions for this new source appear to match what exists for the synthetic sources.