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How to Bulk Update Code of Custom CDM into concept id using usagi

We have created custom CDM out of our custom data and we want to update all the Rxnorm and NDC code into respective concept id. Is there a way in usagi for bulk update.

If anybody help in this than it will be great.

Not sure why you need Usagi. If you have RxNorm - just use the concept_id instead of concept_code. You find both in the CONCEPT table. For “updating” NDC you find the concept_id the same way, then you use the CONCEPT_RELATIONSHIP with relationship_id=‘Maps to’ to get to the RxNorm. That’s vanilla ETL.

Hey Chrish,

First of all, Thank for your reply. Are you saying I can use Rxnorm code as concept id and there is no need for conversion? Since I am new could you please elaborate little bit?

I am very new to OHDSI system and still in process of grasping all the details. We are struggling to convert our FHIR data to CDM and then used the converted data into the Atlas so that we can perform atlas analysis on our data. I am trying this from couple of month and it is failing one way or other.

So if you or somebody you know could consult us in setting up the what we are trying to do then please let us know. We desperately need somebody who understand OHDSI in and out.

Hi @UmeshClinakos. There are a number of companies in the OHDSI community that offer such consultation services. I work for The Hyve myself, and among others, we offer trainings and conversion services around the OMOP CDM. Please see this article on our website for a little background on our expertise regarding OMOP and FHIR. Feel free to reach out to us.