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How the Atlas work if i have multiple data source

(Chidam) #1

Hi All,

I have three data sources now. In the data source menu, i select the data source and view all the Achilles reports. Working fine.

When I have search, the records counts works based on the configuration record counts selection.

Can you please explain, how this multiple data source works when i create the concept set and cohort. All the concept set and cohort creations are stored in OHDSI WebAPI schema, how this works when i have multiple data sources?

Please help. Thanks in advance


(Chris Knoll) #2

On the generation tab of cohort generation, you choose which datasourcs you want to generate on.

The results of the generation are stored in the CDM’s database results schema.

The only information stored in the WebAPI database are the ‘cohort definitions’ and the generation status of a given cohort definition for a given source. But to find the results, you will query the results schema.

(Chidam) #3

Hi Chris_Knoll,

Thanks a lot. Got it. Thanks for your explanation