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How I can download CPT4 with concept_name?

When I try to load CPT4, field concept_name is empty

Hello @Art_Ua,

This is due to a license restriction. OHDSI does not have a full distribution license for CPT4, so the concept names are not allowed to be included in Athena vocabulary downloads. When you download vocabularies from Athena, the email mentions this restriction and how to get the concept names:

All vocabularies are fully represented in the downloaded files with the exception of CPT-4: OHDSI does not have a distribution license to ship CPT-4 codes together with the descriptions. Therefore, we provide you with a utility that downloads the descriptions separately and merges them together with everything else. After unpacking, simply open a command line in the directory you unpacked all the files into and run java -Dumls-apikey=xxx -jar cpt4.jar 5. Please replace “xxx” with UMLS API KEY.