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How do I translate the type concept id between domains?


(Chao Pang) #1

Hi all.

I am a data engineer from Columbia and involved in the allofus project. One of the tasks I am working on right now is to reroute the rows that are in the wrong domain table. If the domain_id does not match the domain in which the concept is found, then the row should be moved to the appropriate domain.

However, I realized that type_concept_id needs to be translated between domains during rerouting. For example, when I rerouted records from condition_occurrence to procedure_occurrence, I assumed that the type_concept_id ‘Primary Condition’ would be translated into ‘Primary Procedure’.

  • Are there existing mappings for type_concept_ids between domains?
  • If not, is there a general strategy for translating the type_concept_ids?

Any guidance and help would be very much appreciated!

CC @cukarthik @Christian_Reich @aostropolets