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How can I obtain most frequently prescribed drugs post diagnosis?

It might be in front of my eyes and I simply can’t see it. Then I apologise. I’ve searched this forum and www for guidance but without any luck so far.

It’s a simple query really. I want to obtain the most frequently prescribed drugs in the period 1 year post index date. Index date is defined in my cohort as the first diagnosis of epilepsy.

I’ve defined the cohort. But in Characterization, when I choose feature analysis related to drug exposure, the time windows (short, medium, long term) available are preceding the cohort start which I understand is the index date. Is there a way to define a feature looking at time window post index?

If you are using FeatureExtraction to generate characterization then you can do this by specifying future time windows in



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Thanks! Your reply got me looking in the right direction and I was eventually able to solve by defining a custom feature analysis in ATLAS.