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How can I get the instruction of common evidence model?

(Yeesuk Kim) #1


I’m Yeesuk.
I have in trouble in exploration of evidence in ATLAS. Recently, the conversion to CDM of my hospital EHR was completed and I finished ALTAS installation by instruction of Wiki, which works well.
However, in section of explore evidence, the generation of evidence always fails with the “error” in Generation Status. I have no ideas of solving problem.



(Rkboyce) #2

Hi Yeesuk - the CEM component is soon to be released. There will be an
additional data table to download and then load into your instance that
will get it all working. Stay tuned - @ericaVoss and @lee_evans are
updated all of the source datasets as I write this.

(Yeesuk Kim) #3

Hi, Rich

Thank you for reply


(Anthony Sena) #4

Hi Yeesuk - In terms of your Atlas/WebAPI configuration, I’d recommend that you remove the ‘evidence’ daimon from the configuration until @lee_evans and I can help you get set up. To do this, query your WebAPI database to identify any/all sources that are configured with an evidence daimon:

select * from webapi.source_daimon where daimon_type = 3;

Then delete the rows from webapi.source_daimon for daimon_type = 3 and this will then hide the sections of Atlas that utilize the evidence information. Please reach out if you have any questions.

(Yeesuk Kim) #5

Hi Anthoysena

I got it. And I will wait for new release…



(Gyeol Song) #6

Hi @anthonysena,

Since you advised Professor Kim to hold off on setting up the CEM until further instructions, I was wondering if there have been any updates?

I was looking through OHDSI’s repositories and found one for the CommonEvidenceModel here.

Should I refer to this repository or should I look somewhere else?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,