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How can I calculate the mean value of the laboratory test result of a defined cohort in Atlas?



I defined a cohort. And I want to figure out the mean value of thyrotropin of the subjects in the cohort who firstly checked the thyrotropin during the observation period. Is it possible in Atlas?

(Chris Knoll) #2

Not currently, but we’re adding the ability in Cohort Characterization to perform aggregate operations on records for people within a cohort (such as measurements) and fetch a specific operation (such as the average of the Value As Number column), and you would get the Average value from those records in your report. The key to this is to select the correct measurement records (ie: the measurement for the right test with the same unit of measure).

We hope to have this available in our 2.8 release.


Thank you for the reply.
Have you read this article, JAMA Netw Open. 2018;1(4):e181755?
They calculated the average of HbA1c of each cohort they had defined.
How is this possible? Didn’t they use the Atlas to analyze cohorts?