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How Can I build CEM DB

I want to set up the “Atlas-CEM” in my site.
Now We didn’t have CEM DB.
So how can I construct CEM DB.

If it has reference Webpage, please let me know that.

@11112 the documentation on setting up the CEM (or common evidence model) can be found here. You can see the steps required to run on the Readme.

Please note that this is a very involved process as the amount of data is fairly large and involves a huge number of steps - I wouldn’t describe this process as simple.

For the purposes of exploring the evidence and generating I have developed an open api, CemConnector, which has a public place at cem.ohdsi.org. However, I note that the database for this is quite limited and we are still working on improving performance for the public. If your needs are immediate we can probably discuss giving you access to the postgres database that stores the results, though queries will typically take a long time to run you will be able to generate negative controls.

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Hi @jpegilbert – I am interested in trying to help make this process easier, perhaps as a Docker file. Can you point me in the direction of the steps? I didn’t see them in the link.