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HIPPS codes?

I’ve run into what I think are HIPPS codes in CMS/Medicare files.
I looked around in Athena and it doesn’t seem to be a vocabulary included there.

Have any of you heard of them, and would you have thoughts about perhaps mapping to another vocabulary that is available in the OHDSI vocabularies?


It’s right there: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Medicare-Fee-for-Service-Payment/ProspMedicareFeeSvcPmtGen/HIPPSCodes. It’s a payment system for nursing homes etc. providing levels of care load.

For observational data, this has limited value, because that is about patient-centric things: conditions, treatments, outcomes, visits.

Got a use case?

We had a short discussion in the Vocab WG thread and @stephanieshong found them in her data, too. Maybe she has determined (or ruled out) a proper use case.

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Thanks Mik and Christian,
It’s the exact same use-case. I just hadn’t had a chance to ask her yet.