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Help Needed Configurating ETL-LambdaBuilder

My name is Edwin Cruz, and I work at Columbia DBMI.

I am working on setting up ETL-LambdaBuilder, and I have reached a point where I need some assistance.

We preloaded Reshift Cluster Database with vocab tables and have our CCAE files as CSV on s3 buckets.

I am actually building a setup project to streamline others needing similar using terraform to provision and configure the entire AWS environment. I just need to iron out how to use the configuration and CLI arguments correctly

Here is the setup project I am working on. It includes the ETL-LambdaBuilder as a submodule and has a make file with commands to streamline the application’s running and other useful tasks.

It would be great if someone can share a masked version of their configuration or arguments you use when running this builder.