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Hello - Looking for Suggestions

(Moses Perry) #1

Hello to All,

We are embarking on an OMOP initiative and are interested in recommendations for mapping Epic Clarity to OMOP. I have seen DDL for creating destination tables but are there data maps or tools for translating Clarity fields to OMOP?

Any suggestions or guidance is much appreciated.


Moses Perry
Wake Forest Baptist University Medical Center

(Roger Carlson) #2

We have been able to find very little information on how to map Epic Clarity data into OMOP tables. Therefore, we decided to post our initial attempts to the Epic UserWeb forums: https://userweb.epic.com/Forums. Each post starts with "OMOP".

This link is the introductory post and replies have links to additional posts:

OMOP - Spectrum Health AoU Project Background

(Moses Perry) #3

Great information Roger. I will definitely tale a look at the UserWeb postings.


(Melanie Philofsky) #4

I suggest you start an Epic WG! :smile: :smile: :smile:

We should gather all Epic OMOP users to divide and conquer the domains! @roger.carlson started some discussions on the Epic UserWeb, I and some others chimed in, but it never gained much momentum.

I already lead the EHR WG and am an active participant in many more WG, so I just don’t have the bandwidth to lead another WG. But if you start an Epic WG, I will help round up the Epic OMOP users and be an active participant. Epic is very complex and requires a lot of deep digging into the source data, utilizing front end experts, clinical informaticians and analyzing what others have done before. My Epic instance is different than your Epic instance, but there are enough similarities for us to compare/contrast our Epics and get us all on a better path. And really, who wants to analyze 20,000+ tables alone?

(Evan Sholle) #5

Seconding the call for an Epic WG. Here at Weill Cornell, we have transformed a good amount of our Clarity data into OMOP, and will soon face the need to do much more as NewYork-Presbyterian moves forward with the EpicTogether project. We’ve chatted a bit with @roger.carlson and @MPhilofsky, but I think there’s still a fair amount left to do. Part of the problem is the infamous saying “if you’ve seen one Epic instance you’ve seen…one Epic instance.” Our Clarity instance probably looks quite a bit different from yours - or maybe you’re pulling from Caboodle. But if we all put our heads together, everyone stands to benefit. I’m unfortunately unable to make the EHR work group meeting @MPhilofsky heads due to a previous local commitment but if anyone wants to launch an Epic WG I will definitely participate.