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Hello! I'm a new: suporting a Surgical Critical Care Decision Support network: SC2i

(Davera Gabriel) #1

I am clinical research informaticist working at the Duke Clinical Research Institute. My client is the Surgical Critical Care Initiative (SC2i, https://sc2i.org/ ) and our interest in OHDSI is that we plan to leverage the OMOP CDM as a basis to convert the present REDCap tabular data repository onto a relational model. We have initially found that OMOP largely suitable for the clinical components for the project data repository, semantically. There are some few exceptions and our goal is to engage with this community to determine whether we can contribute these exceptions to your knowledgebase and data model. I recently met Karthik Natarajan who suggested engaging with all of you here. I am looking forward to learning more, meeting you and introducing the SC2i data scientists and other project team members to you and your work.


Davera Gabriel

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #2

Hi @DaveraGabriel! Welcome to the OHDSI community! Back in my RCT days I did a lot of work with DCRI. :slight_smile:

Consider me a resource as you’re navigating through your OHDSI journey.

Exceptions? Never! Just kidding. I love this. We welcome proposals to the CDM working group to help address additional use cases.

How about we set-up some time to talk about your use cases? My email is kristin.kostka(at)iqvia(dot)com. Feel free to shoot me a note with some times you’ve got free. I’m happy to be a guru to assist you in finding your way through the community.


(Davera Gabriel) #3

sorry - my bad: just learning how the forums work