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Health Inequalities

Today on the OHDSI community call, there was a resounding recommitment to focusing OHDSI efforts on ‘generating and disseminating real-world evidence about the public health issue of health inequality’.

I suggest that we meet this month to take stock of current and prior OHDSI work on health inequality and develop a plan to move forward.

If you are interested, please follow the directions below to fill out an availability survey.

  1. Please use your email address instead of your name when filling out this form so that I will be able to send you an invite to the meeting.
  2. Follow the link to fill out the survey.

There is now a Health Equity workspace in the OHDSI Teams environment, where meetings will be posted.

Here is a link to the channel.

If you do not have access to the OHDSI Teams environment or this channel, you can be granted access by following the instructions “Step Two” here, or by reaching out to me directly.