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Granularity of COVID vaccine standard codes

I’m trying to find the standard concepts for several COVID vaccine concepts in the dm+d library. I see that this 35891522 Vaxzevria ChAdOx1 concept maps to this ChAdOx1 concept in CVX.

However, the Covishield ChAdOx1 concept 36927061 maps to the generic concept COVID-19 vaccine Injectable Solution

In fact, a lot of dm+d concepts for covid vaccines map to this code. Shouldn’t there be more granular codes for these vaccines as well? Can we study the comparative safety or effectiveness of these vaccines if they map to the same standard code?

Hello, @VMTdeJong

I completely agree, that these dm+d concepts should be mapped to more granular targets.
Unfortunately, dm+d vocabulary currently is not on our roadmap and will not be refreshed anytime soon.
Would you like to submit these mappings in the scope of the community contribution? If so, we would be glad to implement them during the next release.