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GPI conversion to NDC

(Penny) #1

I need to convert GPI’s to NDC’s any databases available?

(Christian Reich) #2

OMOP maps to RxNorm. Both GPI and NDC. It’s pretty clean. So, you can do a double-hop between the two.

(Lauren Lee) #3

Hi, I am also interested in this. I googled OMOP and am unclear. I have a set of NDC codes from the MIMIC-iii database that I would like to convert to GPI. Is OMOP a list of conversions that I can add to my database? Are you able to provide links by any chance? Thanks in advance.

(Vojtech Huser) #4

OMOP has a concept of target terminologies. RxNorm is at the moment such target terminology.

So map mimic NDCs into RxNorm.