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Got an idea about using charGPT with atlas

I have an idea about using CharGPT with Atlas. Why don’t we develop a tool that can translate natural language into cohort definitions by leveraging the power of OpenAI? For example, parsing the natural language into SQL based on the database platform.

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Do you mean something like this: SQL Database Agent — 🦜🔗 LangChain 0.0.116



Yes, it would be similar to that. However, LangChain seems to be more focused on developers, and I’m considering a more user-friendly approach. For instance, users could easily write their inclusion criteria in English, and the application could then use AI to translate them into JSON, which can be imported into the cohort definition in Atlas. This functionality is akin to what Criteria2Query provides, but I think we could explore further possibilities by leveraging OpenAI/ChatGPT, such as offering a CLI tool on the Atlas UI to support conversational context.