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Google Cloud Platform - OHDSI ATLAS image

(Konstantin Yaroshovets) #1

We are happy to announce a pre-built OHDSI ATLAS as a ready for use VM image is now available for Google Cloud Platform. Now someone can quickly create a new OHDSI ATLAS instance in GCP environment directly from Marketplace page.

This VM image is a result of successful collaboration with Google, Stanford University and others, during which we worked together to introduce support for the BigQuery dialect across OHDSI components. This partnership with Google was mentioned in the blog post.

This VM image contains the following components:

  • ATLAS 2.7.8 and WebAPI 2.7.8 (compiled with BigQuery support)
  • Apache Tomcat 8
  • BigQuery Drivers
  • PostgreSQL serving WebAPI database
  • SynPUF 110k dataset loaded in PostgreSQL and configured in ATLAS

Out the box you have everything to start working with application.

Feel free to try it and provide any feedback. We will incorporate it in further updates and releases.