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Google BigQuery support update

(Gregory Klebanov) #1

Dear OHDSI Community,

I wanted to share some important information related to the OHDSI tool stack support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  • ATLAS 2.7.7 maintenance build was recently released. Among other, it contains a number of important fixes related to enabling better support for Google BigQuery. For those organizations utilizing Google BigQuery, it is highly recommended to upgrade ATLAS to that version.

  • Over the past couple of months, the Odysseus team worked collaboratively with multiple OHDSI collaborators to ensure that core OHDSI R library and methods are updated to work with Google BigQuery. There were a number of fixes across multiple important shared libraries, including DatabaseConnector, SQLRenderer and other.

  • While providing support during the execution of COVID19 studies with our Stanford partners, we have identified a number of Google BigQuery limits that required finding a complex workaround or a patch during code execution. We provided this feedback to the Google team and now happy to share that Google listened and removed, or significantly raised, multiple limits, including a number of concurrent inserts or table metadata updates. As a result of this close collaboration, the Stanford is able successfully participate in COVID19 related studies.

  • Over the past few months, OHDSI community have been having a continuous discussions regarding a need to do a more thorough testing of the OHDSI tools (ATLAS), shared components and study packages. One of the key components in testing is an ability to have access to the supported database platform. Google has offered to provide OHDSI community with some funding to be used during code testing with Google BigQuery testing. Odysseus and Google have stood up a shared environment that can be used for such purposes.

  • Also, very excited to share that Odysseus have created a new OHDSI ATLAS 2.7.7 image which will be available in Google Marketplace for a free download and installation shortly (pending review).