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GIS guide

Hello all,

I had a CDM 6.0v, that I was advised to downgrade to 5.4v.
Currently, I would like to implement GIS features into the model, although I am baffled by how it works, in my humble view the explanation is vague.
When I first started to work on this project there was a GIS file to be configured and that was it, now it has a repository which I did not get the guidelines.
I did download the repository, set it into tomcat/webapps, and configured the GIS file as requested, despite the fact I did not get the config.tilesServerUrl = 'https://{s}.youtileserver.com'; part because who is doing this in the background? Should I leave as it is because I am working locally?

If the group responsible for the repo @Anton_Abushkevich @Frank @wivern could clarify the doubts I would really appreciate it.

Hi @RaphaelNogueira

I am not part of the ATLAS group, but I am one of the co-leads of OHDSI’s GIS WG.

We’ve been pioneering new ways to get place-based data into OMOP databases. If you have specific goals for generating evidence using place-based data in conjunction with OMOP data, we’d love to work with you. Please see our page on proposing new use cases. This is how we drive development in the group.

Whether you have a specific use case in mind or not, I invite you to join us at one of our weekly meetings (10 AM ET at this link). Your input and experience would be very welcome!

Hi @kzollove I enjoy GIS, but I mostly work with Python/GeoPandas, but if I can add something to the group that would be great. I will have a look at the link and arrange to participate ASAP.

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