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Get all invalid concepts and relationships

Hi all,

I suppose my request will be adressed to vocabulary team specially. Is there is chance to have all invalid concepts and relationships, which not present in production version of the vocabularies.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your question @Denys_Kaduk . It is not possible to have all invalid concepts and relationships that are not in the production version. Only the ones that can be downloaded from Athena. I hope this answers your question.

Thank you @janice.
I appreciate that all the latest versions are accessible on Athena. However, I would like to kindly request access to the historical data regarding invalid concepts and their relationships within the community. Given that OHDSI is an open community, it is possible that operations related to the development and access of older vocabularies can also be open. Perhaps @Christian_Reich , @aostropolets and @Alexdavv might have some insights to contribute as well.

Timing is funny - I just had to do something related to old concept sets and, when I tried to update the concept set I couldn’t find the original Maps to from ICD10 to SNOMED to guide my new mapping as it was deprecated. So there is definitely a use case.

The question I guess is how to distribute those invalid relationships. We probably don’t want to change the default distribution - too many ETL scripts across the community rely on not having invalid rels(?). Retagging @Christian_Reich

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