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Geographical/Year-Based Multiplier

In THEMIS the following was discussed:

How to handle geographical or year-based multiplier tables? Currently, the CDM does not handle this information. A proposal has to be submitted to the CDM Working Group for storing this information.

I don’t see the proposal (@clairblacketer?) and if we think this is going straight to the CDM Working Group should it be an open THEMIS issue (@aostropolets or @mvanzandt?)?

@Rijnbeek has also asked:

Can someone explain what we mean with a multiplier table? (Clearly not something we ever had to use.)

I also am unsure of what a multiplier table is, however there was a recent proposal accepted to add a LOCATION_HISTORY table to the CDM as well as some updates to the LOCATION table that could potentially handle some of the geographical data.

These are likely to be used to inflate costs to the current year and to account for geographic variation in costs. The choices made for these will depend on the need – costing studies can be relatively simple or very complex. These will vary by country as well.

IIRC, this issue may have originated during the first F2F about the supplementary cost modifier table Optum provides us that can be used to render costs relative to a specific year.

I thought we had settled on calling this a non-issue for Themis, that it’s something to be handled at analysis time only.

Not sure – is there some other issue at play here?