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Genomic CDM published on JMIR (IF 4.67)

(Rae Woong Park) #1

Genomic CDM got published on JMIR (IF 4.67) 26 Mar. 2019.
Please enjoy this hot and new article just released: http://dx.doi.org/10.2196/13249
Congrats @1118, @SCYou and @Yurang_Park !
Especially thanks to @Christian_Reich and @clairblacketer actively collaborating all the process in the study as co-authors.
The resulting software GeneProfiler is availble at: https://github.com/ABMI/GeneProfiler . Will it be better moving it into https://github.com/OHDSI/GeneProfiler ?

(Rohit Vashisht) #2

Awesome! Congrats.

(Shawn Dolley) #3

This is so great. And so needed. I wouldn’t be surprised if OHDSI genomics leapfrogs capabilities of Global Alliance for Genomics in Health (GA4GH, ‘Global Alliance’) and other repositories going for the same end state, solely due to the superior community governance and flywheel of progress happening here!

(Michael Gurley) #4

This is a great contribution!

(Rimma Belenkaya) #5

Congratulations! Looking forward to adopting it to OHDSI CDM.

(Jay Greenfield) #6

Has anyone implemented the G-CDM so far? If so, in what version of OMOP?

For the co-authors including @SCYou and @Yurang_Park, is there a G-CDM roadmap. In the larger picture can @Christian_Reich or @clairblacketer say if there has been any thought given to integrating the G-CDM with ATLAS.

Alternatively, are folks using other approaches to track variant occurrences of target genes in OMOP geospatially and over time?

Thank you and be well.