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Fresh Installation of Broadsea with MSSQL

I have read Fresh installation using Broadsea (Fresh installation using BroadSea) which is very helpful. I followed the steps there. But I install Broadsea with

  1. MSSQL server 2019 Express
  2. Windows 10 Home
  3. Docker Desktop for Windows
  4. mssql-jdbc-9.2.1.jre15.jar
  5. Java version 16
  6. Common Data Model v6.0 for MSSQL (CommonDataModel/Sql Server at master · OHDSI/CommonDataModel · GitHub)

I have done the followings:

  1. Set up MSSQL database (SQL Server Setup Guide · OHDSI/WebAPI Wiki · GitHub). I could connect to the database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. I ran the ddl.txt (CommonDataModel/Sql Server at master · OHDSI/CommonDataModel · GitHub) in SQL Server Manager Studio, and the OHDSI database now has dbo.* tables, e.g. dbo.care_site.
  3. Followed the instructions (GitHub - OHDSI/Broadsea: Broadsea deploys the full OHDSI technology stack (R methods library & web tools), using cross-platform Docker container technology.) to modify the docker-compose.yml

    4.In Windows Powershell, ran docker-compose up -d, docker-compose ps, and then docker exec -it test_broadsea-webtools_1 bash
  4. In the docker container, here is the stderr file:

    Here is the stdout file

Then the ohdsi.source and ohdsi.source_daimon tables were not created. I received the following error when running the source_source_daimon.sql.

How to fix the issue so that the dhsi.source and dhsi.source_daimon table can be created?