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French drugs BDPM

(Sébastien Cossin) #1


I created Romedi (https://www.romedi.fr), a RxNorm-like database derived from “base publique du médicament” (http://base-donnees-publique.medicaments.gouv.fr/telechargement.php).
The first use case I would like to do is to map our national drug terminology to RxNorm, load drugs data of our hospital in the OMOP CDM and adapt our drug-drug interactions algorithms and results interface to this model.

Do you have a conceptual mapping between BDPM and RxNorm ? I found this folder on github : https://github.com/OHDSI/Vocabulary-v5.0/tree/master/BDPM
I’m a newbie so any advice to get started is welcome.



(Anna Ostropolets) #2

Hi Sebastien! This sounds great. I would love to compare what you’ve got to the vocabulary we were able to produce in OMOP. Here what it looks like:
all the local vocabularies including BDPM undergo the transformation into a standard vocabulary. In lay language, we automatically map local drugs to RxNorm and, if a concept doesn’t exist, we create a RxNorm-like concept that follows the same rules of naming, semantic and hierarchical structure. This concept is subsequently built into a corpus of RxNorm Extention drugs that covers all non-US drugs that have been OMOPed so far.
How you can test it:
download the vocabularies from Athena:
http://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms and follow the relationship_id = ‘Maps to’ or ‘Source - RxNorm eq’ in concept_relationship table. There you’ll be able to see mappings to both RxNorm and RxNorm Extention.

(Sébastien Cossin) #3

Hi Anna,
Sorry for this late response. I think you and the OHDSI vocabulary team did a great job at normalizing the French data and mapping French drugs to RxNorm. I transformed the OMOP CSV files to RDF to have a graph visualization of your mappings: https://www.erias.fr/omop_bdpm/
I opened some issues on Github: https://github.com/OHDSI/Vocabulary-v5.0/issues

Now I’m currently working on mapping French hospitals codes (UCD) to OMOP for the EHDEN project. The mappings you’ve done are of great help: 82% of the drugs in my hospital were easily mapped thanks to these mappings. Some French drugs are not yet integrated in OMOP. If we improve the completeness of French drugs in OMOP (https://github.com/OHDSI/Vocabulary-v5.0/issues/412), it will ease the remaining mappings for all the French data partners but the work is huge. The question is how difficult is for you to update this terminology with the existing scripts and how data partners could help ?

(Michael Kallfelz) #4

Hi @scossin,
this is great news and it happens to be in line with what is currently being done for the EHDEN COVID rapid data call. Through the Health Data Hub we have been trying to get a UCD to CIP crosswalk from the Club Interpharmaceutique which should allow to pretty easily create a new UCD vocabulary that is mapped to RxNorm/RxE right away (by getting the mapping from BDPM). We are however aware that the current CIP7 codes in BDPM should probably be updated to CIP13 codes, giving more coverage. And that the BDPM vocabulary might need a refresh as well…
The HDH / SNDS seem to have collected some data already, it might not be exhaustive at this time. If you go to https://drees.shinyapps.io/dico-snds/ and restrict to “nomenclature” IR_PHA_R you can for example select a list of codes by either CIP13 or CIP7 with among others a UCD code mapped to it.
I will respond to your github issue as well.
Thanks ~ Mik